Annual Blankets for Soldiers/Cards for Soldiers Drive


It is time once again for the annual Christmas Blanket Drive for Soldiers. Touch a soldier in a real way by making or buying them a blanket for warmth and comfort. Blankets will be donated to Packages From Home who will mail them to our soldiers. It is important for our soldiers all over the world to know that we believe in them and support them.

We are directed by Packages From Home that homemade blankets be 7 feet long and 5 feet wide. They can accommodate store bought blankets of any standard size too. It would just depend on who they would go to. A soldier overseas would most likely prefer a twin size, as sleeping arrangements are usually tight. In addition to their main/primary mission of sending food, hygiene, and entertainment items to US servicemembers stationed or deployed overseas, they also have a program (Packages For Hope) to benefit transitioning, at-risk, and homeless veterans! They could use a full or perhaps even a queen size since they might have more room than a deployed servicemember. It’s up to you! Whatever size blankets you give, they will ensure it makes it to a servicemember or veteran who needs it!

Also, we are asking for handmade cards from the children of St Mary Magdalene. Soldiers love receiving notes and cards from the community, and especially children. If any adults want to write a note include their contact information (email or physical address). Some soldiers write back to people.

Blankets and cards are due the 1st weekend in October.


If you need any other information, contact Beverly Beattie at 480-282-3518 or