Read how Adoration has changed the Lives of Fellow Parishioners

12-11-2022Weekly Reflection

Eucharistic Adoration, from my personal experience, is truly a glimpse of Heaven in this Earthly life. I felt a tug in my heart that Jesus was calling me to draw closer to Him. Adoration has been a tangible way for me to do just that.

My time in Adoration each week allows me to renew my sense of purpose and a visible reminder that I am loved beyond all measure. It is a time of respite away from the chaos of daily life, a time of reflection of joys and sufferings. It has also given me dedicated time to quiet all the noise that our hurting world wants to impress upon me.

Each week I am reminded that the goal is Heaven. That I am broken but not beyond repair, I am accepted just as I am. Whether I’m joyful, focused, unfocused or feeling lost, our Merciful Savior is there, in the Most Precious Body. He is ready and waiting for anything I can offer that week and only gives His Love and Peace in return.

Eucharistic Adoration is a true gift and the graces, fruits and blessings that come out of it are immeasurable. I’m truly grateful and humbled. Jesus is calling you and will be waiting for you.

Carla Luera

My hour of adoration is the absolute perfect way for me to start my day. 20 years ago, my wife asked me to cover her hour and I’ve been covering ever since. Simply put, it has strengthened my faith, helped me form a more personal relationship with Our Lord, and made my prayer life much more consistent. The quietness of the chapel brings me peace and comfort in a world of noise and chaos. I can’t imagine my life without at least an hour of adoration each week.

Ric Serrano