St. Joseph's Family Fellowship

Saint Mary Magdalene Family ministry is designed to support and encourage families in our parish to embrace God's purpose in growing families in grace and truth. St. Joseph's Family Fellowship will provide events, fundraisers and opportunities for families to spend time together with God at the core.

Throughout the year, we will provide opportunities for your family to grow in faith with other families of the parish. We will host events for the entire family - including ice cream socials, potlucks, community service projects, Parents' Nights Out, playgroups, movie nights, bible studies and more.

The purpose of the group is to create a strong foundation where the family's faith and love of God can grow in fellowship with each other. We hope to provide our children with a family-oriented environment with God and our Church at its core. By participating in these events, families will meet other parishioners of the parish of Saint Mary Magdalene and together we can help create a strong foundation on which our family's faith and love for God can grow.

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