Holy Week

04-02-2023Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Axline

Hello St. Mary Magdalene,

Happy Palm Sunday! We begin Holy Week by accompanying Christ into Jerusalem. He enters in glory amid songs and hymns of praise and yet, only four days later, those same voices that now cheer for our Lord in glory and majesty will be the same voices that cheer for His death! How moving and yet telling too about the human heart, especially how often we turn away from the Lord through sin. This most sacred and powerful week highlights for us the full weight that Our Lord paid for our sins and His most splendid victory as He rises in glory on Easter.

In her great wisdom, the Church gives us through her liturgy a re-presentation of these final days through the eyewitness account of the evangelists and the Church’s Tradition.Hold on to that as we go through Holy Week, these are not just some past events we recall, we are active participants in these sacred mysteries. That’s the power of the Mass! For us too, this week carries some additional significance as it marks the completion of the installation of our sacred art. May the saints and angels depicted here pray for us and lead us closer to Christ.

It is bittersweet that I share the news with you of Mr. Roger Molieri’s retirement. For the past six years Roger has faithfully served Saint Mary Magdalene and has worked with many of you in various roles throughout his tenure. I want to thank Roger for his work providing beautiful, reverent liturgies, taking care of our sick and homebound, and helping couples prepare for marriage here at Saint Mary Magdalene. Roger will be serving these duties until early May 2023 at which time I am pleased to say that Mr. Juan Paredes will be assuming Roger’s responsibilities. Thank you Roger for all these years of service to Saint Mary Magdalene and may the Lord bless you in your future endeavors.