Sacrament Preparation for Middle & High School Students

Preparation for 1st Reconciliation, Confirmation, and 1st Communion for Middle School Grades 6-8 and High School Grades 9-12

In the Diocese of Phoenix, Baptized children normally receive the Sacraments of 1st Reconciliation, Confirmation and 1st Communion in the 2nd and 3rd Grade,

There are circumstances where children may have not had the opportunity to go through sacrament preparation and the following are the programs we provide in alignment with the Restored Order that are outside of Elementary School.

This order differs from the order in most other dioceses where Confirmation is done separately several years after 1st Communion. For further explanation, please click on the following link: The Restored Order of Sacraments of Initiation - Diocese of Phoenix.

Accommodations can be made for those homeschooled that fit in the Middle School age range

The following are examples that would be considered for our 1-year Sacrament Preparation Program:

  • Baptized student needing 1st Reconciliation, 1st Communion, Confirmation
  • Baptized student needing 1st Communion, Confirmation
  • Baptized student needing Confirmation
    • All would attend our Monday Night classes

The following would be considered part of our 2-year Sacrament Preparation Program:

  • Non-Baptized - Student needing Baptism, 1st Reconciliation, 1st Communion, Confirmation
    • These students would meet Wednesday evenings

Students who are preparing for Sacraments must:

  • Be a registered parishioner at St. Mary Magdalene
  • Attend weekly Mass at St. Mary Magdalene
  • Enroll in and attend EDGE or GS24 nights
  • Attend Sacramental Retreats