Renovation Update

05-29-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Chris Axline

I’d like to give everyone an update on our progress on our renovations. The concrete foundation as well as the posts for our altar rail have been laid. We’ve also had the ceiling and back wall painted to match the theme of the artwork that will be installed in our sanctuary. Construction should be completed late this summer. We’re running into supply chain issues affecting the delivery of our marble and other materials. These setbacks have a cascading effect into other areas of the project which is delaying the completion of this project. What remains is the delivery and installation of the marble for the sanctuary, carpeting, the decorative woodwork, the altar rail, and final cleanup.

In order to help expedite the full use of our building again, once these items have been completed we’ll be able move back into our full church. Final elements (such as our artwork and our new altars) will be installed later. This will help us again to utilize our full space especially during these summer hotter months. Due to ongoing supply issues I can’t give any specific dates as to when these additional components will be completed, but my team and I are hoping for a late 2022 completion of the entire project.

Thank you all for your prayers and support of this project. This is taking longer than anticipated, but it’s also giving my team and I a chance to be intentional about what we do so that we can build something that reflects the parish of St. Mary Magdalene and will endure. I am excited to see the project through to its successful completion and can’t wait to celebrate with you all in our new space. I will continue to provide further updates as they become available.