God's Grace is Free

09-24-2023Weekly Reflection© LPi Fr. John Muir

Once I gave my three-year-old niece a certain toy for Christmas. When she opened it, she was happy. Shortly thereafter her five-year old sister opened another present from me: the same toy, along with some play jewelry. The three-year-old cried out: “That’s not fair! Why’d she get the jewelry, too?!”


Read how Adoration has Impacted the Lives of your Fellow Parishioners

09-17-2023Weekly ReflectionPaul Gagnon

“Could you not watch one hour with Me?” (Matthew 26:40) These words caught my attention on the Holy Hour of Reparation prayerbook sitting in the pew as I entered the Adoration Chapel one day a few years ago. As a convert to Catholicism almost 20 years ago while in college I feel like I missed out on the importance of Eucharistic Adoration.


Don't Scorn the Weight of the Cross

09-03-2023Weekly Reflection© LPi Fr. John Muir

Isn’t it easy to relate to Peter? One moment Jesus announces Peter’s deep communion with God the Father. The very next, when he rejects the logic of Jesus’ suffering and death, Jesus calls Peter Satan. We Christians shouldn’t be too shocked when we experience both spiritual highs and lows, when we perceive breathtaking contradictions in our hearts.